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Sunday, September 11, 2016

Kelley Bears 2016 Family Photo Session & Grant Turns 13 Months!

Another year down as Kelley Bears Party of 4 and another fabulous photo session in the books.  I can't believe how quickly this session came....and how quickly Grant turned 1... and let's not even talk about how OLD Everleigh is getting!  So mature, so intelligent, so incredibly SASSY but SUCH a great sister to Grant.  I love the bond these two already have.  Seeking each other out, playing with each other, loving on each other.  We truly are the luckiest parents to get to have these two as our own.  I can't wait to see them grow up together...(and see what kind of trouble they get into together.. ;)

Splitting their birthdays right down the middle, (just after Grant's first birthday and right before Everleigh's) this session also just happened to land on Grant's 13th month birthday!  

Grant Henry Kelley - 13 Months

The sweetest little ray of sunshine, Dude is happy as can be almost ALL of the time.  This month he's been working on his 9th, 10th AND 11th tooth though so he's definitely had his moments of "What the hell Mom!  THIS HURTS!"  Over all though, he really is SUCH a sweet and lovable little guy.  So serious for everyone BUT us, he cracks himself up, lights up when his daddy comes into the room and will giggle the best for his sister.  Standing up on his own, he's STILL not walking (BUT he's sooooooo close!)  He says "Tatu", "Uh-Oh", "Up" and "Down" and will wave "Bye" and blow the sweetest kisses.  

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