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Monday, October 20, 2014

Kelley's Go Camping - Broken Bow, OK

I usually don't pay much attention to my birthday as it comes and goes each year.  Other than wanting to spend the day with my family and possibly close friends (if given the chance)... the day usually comes without much fanfare or production.  And that's usually the way I like it.  This year though, the day hit me like a rock.  And NOT in a good way.  It WANTED me to remember it.  Late Monday evening, right before my birthday on Tuesday the 14th, the countdown began on 36 miserable hours of the worst stomach bug I have ever remembered having.  Worst BIRTHDAY EVER.  I was miserable and I hated every second of it.  

Luckily for me, the timing was right (if there ever really is a right time to get a stomach bug) and it came and went before it had a chance to ruin our weekend camping plans to Broken Bow, OK  :)  Thank you baby Jesus!  Our trip was still on and we were MORE than a little excited to get out of town for a couple days.  

It was such an amazing Birthday redemption weekend.  Perfect weather.  A very cooperative bear.  An amazingly beautiful drive....and nature for miles.  :)  We can't wait to do it again.  

Let the (Cabin) Camping Adventure BEGIN!  

So we didn't rough it or anything.  Cause who has time for that kind of tent camping non-sense.  ;)  
We did go without cell service and a wifi connection though.  That's "Roughing It"...right?  ;) 

Our home away from home for the weekend.. :)

Hidden amongst the trees.. 

Our very own BEAR to welcome us!  :)


After a 3 hour trek, Momma Bear and Baby Bear were happy to be out of that car! 
Silly Selfie time :)

The next day.. (Saturday, October 18, 2014) after a leisurely morning, we attempted a hike :)
(Everleigh was NOT a fan of the pack we tried to put her daddy came to the rescue and carried her most of the way ;)  She really did enjoy it though.. so it was worth the back ache.  ;)

She was easily entertained by throwing rocks in the water.  :)

Peter Toth Indian Sculpture - Forest Heritage Center
Located near the main entrance of the Forest Heritage Center, this Indian Sculpture is one in a 50 state series known as the "Trail of Tears" sculptures by Hungarian artist, Peter Toth. Mr.Toth came to Oklahoma to sculpt Oklahoma's Indian monuments. Mr. Toth's goal in life was to complete at least one sculpture in each of the fifty states. To date, he has done 67 monuments. All of his monuments are his own concept of the North American Indian and bear many similarities, except for certain characteristics, which pertain to the Indians of that region, such as feathers, headbands, or other decorations.

She spent least 30 minutes just throwing rocks into the lake.  :)

Dinner Time at this quaint little Southern Spot - The Blue Rooster 

With these cuties.  :)

Sunday - October 19th, 2014
One last hike before heading back home.  

Our new little Mud Bug friend.  

What a fabulous birthday it turned out to be :) :) 

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