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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Master Bedroom - Progress (Before and After) Photos

If you see me dancing on the rooftops, from now until the end of the year (at least)... it's due in large part to the progress we've made to our master bedroom.  To say I've been giddy this last week, is a GROSS UNDERSTATEMENT of major proportions.  (I may or may not ALWAYS be rearranging our pillows trying to get them juuuuust right..or taking half a dozen cell phone pictures an hour to see it in a different light ;)  Yup.  I do that.  Don't you?  ;)  And really, are you surprised?  ;)  

I'm actually only SOMEWHAT happy with the pillow arrangement as they stand today..but I know there will be a few hundred more tweaks to this room in our future.  From the additions I'll use to decorate the night stands (and the hardware we haven't decided on)... to the final bedding covers we haven't yet purchased... to POSSIBLY an area rug to break up the large space in front of the bed.. (which may or may not be a design no-no considering it'll be carpet on carpet.) Visually I think it needs something.. functionally, it may be weird.  I'm gonna live with it for awhile before I decide to try and convince Chad one way or the other.  ;) 

So here's our room as it stands today.. talk about a TRANSFORMATION!  

Master Bedroom AFTER

It's amazing how much BETTER this room FEELS now.  As I explained on my last post, we had been so focused on updating the rest of the house for over a year.. that we completely forgot about ourselves and our little sanctuary of a room. 

Master Bedroom BEFORE 
As we saw it when we were looking to buy. Previous Owners Decor. 
We actually had our bed in this spot too for a long time.. then decided to change things up.  

We lived with this mustardy color for almost exactly a year.  It wasn't HOOORIBLE, it was just very similar to the color we had in our master bedroom at our old house.  We thought we were ready for a change.  Especially considering we had big plans for the layout and our new headboard.  Why go half way with a renovation, right??  

Yup.  So this is pretty much how we lived for more than I care to admit.  That was pretty much how we made the bed each day and that was our mismatched solution to bedding.  We spent a few weeks with the tape up showing where our new headboard would be and a few days with a plethora of colors up on the wall.  You would've thought we had just moved in.  Yikes!

One of the first things we did was move the bed and decide how we wanted to fill up this wall.  
Photos we took on our Europe trip fit the bill here. :)  

Then came selecting a color.  Thankfully we had a lot of samples left from the first round of painting this house last year.  Most of these were considerations to our dining room.  


Then one Sunday, we took the plunge.  Shortly after this picture was taken...and almost entirely during one nap time session, we painted our room.  
Sherwin Williams Key Stone Gray for the win!  ;) 

While all this was going on, I had been on the hunt for nightstands.  
After scouring the internet, various stores around town and pinterest for inspiration on DIY versions we could tackle...I stumbled upon various blogs that had some IKEA dresser-to-nightstand hacks that I kinda started to love.   

So we started with the dresser on the left.. Cheap, unfinished, stain-able and the perfect size that we needed.  

We gave them a bit of a face lift with some additional lattice molding and stained them the same color we had stained the headboard frame to match.  ;)  

As we hunted down a pair of lamps we liked, we found a bench for the foot of the bed that Everleigh seemed to approve of.  ;)  Cross that off the list too.  

TaDAAAAAAAAAA!! Done and done.  
Well sorta, but you know.  Done for now and probably for a while ;)  

It looks soooooo magical at night with just the lamps on, 
(which we ended up finding at Marshall's by the way). 

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