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Monday, April 28, 2014

Date Night with My Chef at FT33

In the 19 months since Everleigh was born... (when our overall focus on life seemed to shift towards our tiny little human)... it's been rare that Chad and I get to enjoy date nights.  With his work schedule and our limited time together as a family, we usually just stay home to enjoy our baby bear on his days off.  

At the expense of very LONG consecutive work days, we've had the opportunity to enjoy two very RARE Friday nights together in the past month and a half.  If you know us well at all, you know that date nights always involve eating.  And drinking.  A lot.  At awesome restaurants we've been meaning to try.  :)  

This past Friday we had reservations at FT33 in Dallas.  :)  The chef, Matt McCallister, is the recent winner of Food and Wine's Best New Chef Award in the Southwest, so we were eager to see what his restaurant had to offer.  

Surprisingly, we didn't overdo it this time.  Just one item per course. Per person.  ;)  And an awesome bottle of Chablis to start off the night.  

house made charcuterie board: 
 pickled carrots, pickled butternut squash, lardo, mortadella, mustard, jam

beef sugo, wild mushrooms, local kale, tagliardi

hanger tartare, fermented onion, gremolata, egg yolk, turnip

skate, pork belly, confit potatoes, celery, maitake mushrooms

ricotta gnocchi, ramps, celery root, spinach, mushrooms, ham broth

sorrel sponge cake, tarragon, mint, pistachio meringue
goat cheese panna cotta, strawberry 3 ways (dried, compressed and whole), 
olive oil / poppy seed & basil cake

AND my love.  :)  My hot date for the night.  #chefchadkelley 

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