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Friday, February 28, 2014

Everleigh's Nursery Room - Progress Photos

When it came time to focus on how Everleigh's nursery would look, even when I was pregnant, I knew I never really wanted a super "baby-like" room.  Nothing too cutesy.  Nothing too baby pink or overly girly either.  I wanted something she could grow into.  Something fun and not with much of a "theme".  

It's funny how many people I "confused" during my pregnancy when I confessed to (what seemed like) 15,000+ moms that asked.. "Do you have a theme for Everleigh's room yet?" or when they mentioned "I chose {insert random kiddie character here} for my baby girl's room... you absolutely NEED a theme for the nursery, I can't believe you don't already have one?!"  It was honestly the most annoying part of my pregnancy.  I didn't have a (STUPID!) theme picked out.  And I refused to give in to the preconceived notion that every baby's nursery had to have one particular character overwhelming the space.     

If you know me well at all.. or if you've ever just taken a single step into my closet, you know that I've never been a fan of muted, muddy-like colors.  My closet is full of primary and jewel toned hues of saturated, more concentrated shades.  So it seemed only natural that my heart literally skipped a beat when we ran into this little guy at Pier One one day, and I knew we had the perfect starting point for Everleigh's room in our new house.  TEAL!  

I loved that Chad didn't question my seemingly bold color choice and I loved how we both excitedly drove straight to Sherwin Williams, elephant in hand, to see if they could find a color match for us.  I also loved that I could pair a number of really great, fun colors with this little guy... like the baby-pink alternative that I was drawn to (fuschia and magenta) and more concentrated, saturated yellows and greens.

And once again, we're not entirely finished with this room yet.  Pictures still need to be hung and the shelves still need to be filled (more)....but for now, I'm happy with how far this room has come.  :)

Everleigh's room - Progress Photos

Everleigh's Room - AFTER

BEFORE - (I think Grandma lived here ;)

This chandelier, turned floor lamp was a garage sale find at just $10!  

Eventually I'd like to address the wall above Everleigh's changing area.  For now, we've repurposed the  streamers we used for her first birthday to fill the space.  :)  

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