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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Sunday Funday at the Dallas Arboretum - 2013

Since Chad and I first got together, Sundays have always been our Sunday Funday.  With his always crazy, work-like-a-dog schedule that obviously keeps him at the restaurant during almost ALL Friday's and Saturdays, we like to make good use of our time together.  Now that our bear has graced our lives, these days are even more precious.  And now that the weather has finally started to cooperate with the idea of any sort of outdoor activities, we hit the Dallas Arboretum this past Sunday to check out the new Children's Garden I'd been hearing so much about.  :)  

I have to say, the new garden did not disappoint!  So many fun activities and teaching moments all around.  Walkways and trails and a very cool "sky bridge" over-looking the whole garden.  We, (as in Chad and I), LOVED it...Everleigh just liked all the pretty colors and people watching.  ;)  But there's no doubt that we'll certainly be coming back more often in the next few years as Everleigh gets older and can take part in all the fun and interactive displays.  :)  Kelley family APPROVED! :) 

She doesn't look so impressed here...but she really did enjoy all the activity going on around her.  ;) 

It was a beautiful day for a walk around the gardens.. 

Taking her through the "wilderness"  Ha!  

Love these two so much!  

Finally free of her stroller..Arm up and...YEAAAAAAHHH!!

The next set of pictures might be a bit of Everleigh Overload...but we both thought it was so funny how she reacted to sitting on the grass.  We realized when we set her down that this was actually only the second encounter with grass!  Is that weird?  Geez.. this girl needs to get her hands dirty.. STAT!  Lol..

She finally came around after a few "light pats" and foot rubs of the fluffy stuff under her.. So funny.. and CUTE!

Giving grass her stamp of APPROVAL!! YEAAAAHHHHHH!!! 

But still not entirely convinced.. Ha!  

Stinker Face! :)

And we're good.. lol..

And then she quickly tried to eat it.  :)  

Annnnnndddd... We're off!  

And of course no trip to the Arboretum is complete without the obligatory photos amongst all those PUMPKINS!!  Too bad she only looked up ONCE!  lol.. I think the sun was too bright and she was too distracted to look up for mommy and daddy.  Oh well, she's too damn cute anyway!  :) 

The one and only shot of her actually LOOKING at the camera!  :)  

What in the HELL is this thing?!  :)

A foot rest perhaps?  ;) 

Maybe I can chew on this part right here?  ;)  

Getting good at that STINKY FACE!  :)

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