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Friday, May 03, 2013

Last day in the Valley with the Familia :)

After a whirlwind two days of being here, there and everywhere during our trip to the valley.. it was nice to have most of Sunday to just sit back with the family and relax.  My parents got to spend some quality time with Everleigh, my brother took Chad fishing (at the butt crack of dawn) and the kiddies got to spend time lovin' on their cousin.  :)  All in all.. a GREAT weekend that was over MUCH too quickly. 

Until next time... :)  

My mom with her granddaughters.. :)  

Funny how Andrew and Everleigh are ALMOST the same size! 
(And he's almost TWO!)

Grandpa and the Grand kiddies :)

Andrew trying to steal a smooch.. :)

Everleigh... ready for summer!!

So cute!

Christi with her clan and her god daughter / niece, Everleigh 

Mutual Adoration with these two.. 

Addie being VERY patient with her chompy cousin 

Hahahahaha... Lick, lick, lick.. Love this picture!

On our way home.. Everleigh was FASCINATED by everything outside the window.. 
Such a GREAT little traveler! 

So happy to see Chewy McChewerson when we got back to her car seat at the airport :)

Bath time fun before bed  

All of a sudden such a great little sitter!  :)  Hardly wobbly anymore... 

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