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Sunday, September 09, 2012

Celebrating Our Baby Bear - Everleigh Isabella Kelley :)

If one thing is certain about our little girl, who is set to grace us with her presence in just TWO WEEKS!!! ... is that she is VERY, VERY...VERY LOVED!  By not only Chad and I (and obviously her grandparents and our immediate family)..but by our wonderfully amazing friends!  From the moment we announced our pregnancy back in February, our friends (turned Aunties), both near and far, have been just as excited as we have been about our little girl's arrival (and have shown us more love than we could've ever known!!).  From inspiring words to mommy tales of wisdom... from helpful advice to hosting and planning the most DETAIL ORIENTED and fabulous baby shower one could've ever hoped for, these Kelley's couldn't be luckier to have such amazing people in our lives! 

GIGANTIC THANK YOU a MILLION times over to our sweet party planning gurus, Lisa Roden, Brenda Spinelli and crafting legend Kendra Spinelli for their time, love and remarkable attention to detail!  The shower was beautifully executed and no stone was left unturned or unappreciated!  Ya'll Rock!  :) 

Amazingly awesome "Welcome Wreath" that Kendra Spinelli made for little Miss Everleigh. 
(Which will be proudly displayed on her nursery door soon!!  Just need to get one of those door hooks! ;)

Seriously ADORABLE!  Carved and created with love by Miss Brenda Spinelli :) 

So much attention to detail!! 
Cookie Fruit Loop cups filled with cream cheese frosting.. favor boxes filled with yummy treats.. Cucumber water...drunken, and NON-drunken punch.. White Chocolate filled raspberries...Peanut Butter Filled Pretzels :)

Cookie Fruit Loop cups filled with strawberry cream cheese frosting.. :)

Separate table with loads of goodies.. From quesadillas, chips and dips to shrimp cocktails and fruit salad.  :) 

Mommy's Sippy Cup :)

Waiting for the games to go around.. :)

Concentrating VERY hard on trying to find safety pins in this GIGANTIC bowl of RICE!!
AND making a weird face in the process! My apologies.. lol..

Trying to get safety pins out of bowl of rice.. (Without looking!)
SOOOOOOOO much tougher than you'd think!) 

About to bite into Everleigh's cake! :)

Daddy-to-be making sure the pacifier passes inspection :)

Having fun opening gifts.. :)
Instead of cards for the shower, Everleigh got BOOKS!  Starting her library off RIGHT!  :) 

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