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Thursday, September 20, 2012

37 Weeks 3 days :)

Dear Sweet Baby Bear,

I know I can speak on behalf of your dad when I say that there has honestly not been another time in our lives that has ever passed this quickly. I don’t even know where these last 9 months have gone.  I seriously don’t.  Rationally we knew this would happen.  We BOTH knew it would be like the blink of an eye and we’d be here, just a few days from meeting you, but we're still so dumbfounded by it all. 

A HUGE part of me wants to keep you safe in my belly forever. Where I can carry you with me always…. Protecting you.. nurturing you from within….without the fear of the outside world hurting you in any way. The other part of me, the part of me that misses my waist, lying comfortably in bed on my back and stomach, not having to pee every 30 minutes, or walk with CANKLES the size of fence posts.. the part of me that can’t wait to show you the world, to see the world fresh from your eyes.. helping you to discover new and exciting things, is soooooo incredibly EAGER to have you in my arms already! These last few days of anxiously waiting are going to kill me, well let me correct that, these last few days are going to kill US!!  I can almost guarantee... there will be pacing involved.. :) 

37 Weeks 3 days :)

I have to say though, that you’ve been such an INCREDIBLE blessing so far.  You’ve treated me so well this entire pregnancy.  I’m only just NOW beginning to really feel uncomfortable.  My fingers, legs, face and feet have swollen almost to unrecognizable measures, and there doesn’t seem to be a comfortable position I can be in for too long.  Regardless though, I wouldn’t change a thing.  I love, love, LOVE feeling you in my belly.  So many mothers have told me how much they miss feeling their babies in their bellies.. and I completely understand what they are talking about. I KNOW I’ll miss this.  You rolling around in there, seeing my belly contort in waves after a good belly rub or a great meal. ;)

Speaking of meals… you’ve only gotten a small, itty bitty taste of the yummy goodness your dad is capable of creating.. but once you’re ready for solids foods, you’re in for a REAL treat!  Bet you didn't even realize that your dad is an honest-to-goodness CHEF!  Like create things from scratch, every single day kind of Chef.  The kind of Chef people pay big bucks to eat their food, kind of Chef.  You’re absolutely going to LOVE it!  I know he's MORE than excited to introduce you to all the wonderfully yummy things this world, and HE has to offer.  Here's hoping you’re not too much of a picky eater ;)….but I guess if you are, we can always work on that.  Don't worry though, I kind of was too when I first met your dad. ;) Your dad's also been on hyper overdrive trying to get last minute things done around the house before your arrival. From painting stair rails to trying his hand at electrical work, he's been a whirlwind of activity these last few days trying to make everything perfect for you. I can't say enough wonderful things about him...You're going to love him.. he's going to be such a great dad to you. Just you wait. :)

So many people have already begun to celebrate your life and you haven’t even shown your pretty little face yet! So many people can’t wait to meet you, you will surely be surrounded by TONS of visitors from the second you arrive.  Your Grandma and Grandpa Maldonado have already booked their flights up to meet you and your Grandma Kelley is anxious to finally see you too. :)  You've captured our hearts already Little One.. words can not begin to explain how incredibly excited we are to finally get to meet you, and hold you and snuggle you with love... (and wet slobbery kisses from your furry sister Macie ;)    Safe travels Baby Bear... take it easy on your Dear Old Mom, will ya?! ;)  See you in a few days!    Oh and in case you're wondering how this week has played out...

Baby Belly Stats for the Week of Sept. 17th:

LESS THAN A WEEK til induction!! :) (OFFICIAL induction date set as Tuesday, September 25th!!!)

Feet: The swelling is off and on but more ON than off..especially at the end of the day, flip flops every single day now.. even at work ;)

Dilation: Still Nothing

Sleeping: Definitely noticing something going on in there.. Baby is MUCH more active than normal at night.  Occasional low, dull cramping but nothing consistent.  Baby prep is beginning I suppose.  Can't wait to meet you Little One!!  :)  

Diabetes: Still Rockin' :)  No issues at all.  :)

Blood Pressure: Slightly elevated at times (especially when dumb doctor visits get me upset ;) but mostly still good.  

Energy:  Still great for the most part.. except when the sleep deprevation kicks in ;)  Should probably take advantage and go walking most afternoons, I'd rather rest with my feet up in the air :)


Anonymous said...

Great post, I admire the writing style :) A little off topic here but what theme are you using? Looks pretty cool.

Yvette said...

Thanks! Appreciate the compliment.. And the theme I started with was watermark.. But I modified it a lot before I finally published it.. :)