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Monday, July 16, 2012

Weekend Projects for Little Miss Kelley :)

As you can probably we cross over the 28 week ever-growing belly has been at the top of my priority list as summer quickly passes and I realize just how much still has to be done around the house.  Even though we've tackled QUITE a lot in the weeks since my parent's last visit up here.. there are still a few little annoying things left to take care of before I can finally proclaim the nursery ready for Little Miss Kelley. 

My burgeoning belly ;)
She likes to hang out on my right side for some reason.. :)

Overly motivated and surprisingly energized, I got down to business this past weekend on do-it-yourself wall art and of course... HAIR accessories!  Who knew I'd turn into such a that I was about to have a little GIRL!!  ;)  It's funny how in just a few minutes of walking into Hobby Lobby on Saturday, my mind began to reel with all the PINK possibilities and overly frilly, girly things I could do to the nursery.  All the things that I had once scoffed at.. Pink tiaras and feather boas, glitter and rhinestones.. all of a sudden were potential room decor?!?! What the heck?!?!  Hahaha.. Not finding my inner "girly girl" until I was ummm.. about TWENTY THREE!!... the thought of all this pink was making me laugh.  I quickly came back to reality and focused on what I had originally gone there for.  Hair Bow/Band accessories!  That was about as frilly as I would allow myself to get right at that moment... Until next time.. ;)

Just a little tease of the wall art that will go up behind her crib. 
Shades of teal and dark pink are the colors we are going for in her room..
Lets see how it all comes together!

Time consuming but surprisingly relaxing.. :)

After I ran out of paint (I had only bought one small tube because I didn't know what color would work best), I turned my attention to hair accessories.  It was mostly an experiment to see how easy hair bands would be to make...which actually turned out GREAT! 

Who knows if she'll actually let me put these on her.. BUT... they're CUTE!
Super easy to make.. I just used ribbon with elastic ends and I made them in larger sizes as well so she could grow into them.  :)

Pretty successful I must say.. for just an experiment!  :)

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