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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Sweet Valentine :)

Throughout the entire time that Chad and I have been together… I can probably count on ONE hand, the number of times we’ve spent a holiday together.. on the ACTUAL HOLI-DAY itself. Especially Valentine’s Day. The day when the normally frugal decide it’s time to splurge… the day when most restaurants are to capacity and my chef is working like mad to make every celebrating couple’s dining experience special. This year.. having my husband all to myself… on this once-in-a-blue-moon-probably-never-EVER-going-to-happen-again occasion… I’m sure one would’ve expected a fancy dinner at a five star, Chef Chad Kelley rated, fine dining establishment. ;) Right?? Hehehe..

How’s sausage & banana peppers, thin crust, extra crispy Domino’s Pizza, with a side of cheesy breadsticks while we picnic on the living room floor for extra ooey, gooey romance?? ;) BEST. NIGHT. EVER. Oh.. and there was a movie too ;) and a card that made me cry, big fat ugly faced tears… and two of the sweetest, most thoughtful gifts that I’ve ever received… (but.. more on that, later… ;) It took all of TWO SECONDS to decide that we would NOT be joining the masses by going out on this day.  Celebrating with my ALL-TIME favorite food, (recently been banned since starting our New Year's diet), was the best way I could think of to enjoy this quiet night at home.  ;)  I couldn't have been happier.  :) :) 

I love my husband. I think that’s been established on this blog before. He’s pretty damn great and I really can’t say that enough. Or mean it more, even if I say it a million more times. The greatest thing about him is that he’s NOT your typical macho male. He’s sweet and kind and romantical (yeah I probably just made up that last word.. I know;)… EVERY single day of the year. Not just on the day it’s expected. When every other man is buying last minute flowers and cards at the grocery store.. my sweet husband is bringing me mini babybel’s, peanut butter and nuts to work because I ran out of afternoon snacks. When every other man is picking out a cheesy, run of the mill, generic cards to just sign… my love has, in one sentence, captured my heart all over again (and produced those big, fat ugly faced tears). I don’t know what I did before him… but I do know that my life hasn’t ever been the same since.

There's so much to look forward to this year. Our lives are about to run on overdrive with so many fantastic things happening all around us.. I can't wait to see this year unfold. 

Lovey dovey enough for you?  ;)  Hope your Valentine's Day was as fabulous as mine was! 

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