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Thursday, January 05, 2012

New Years Resolutions - 2012

I know... I know... I know.. I realize this is MORE than a little late but...

(Woo Hoo Party People!!  Streamers flying.. fireworks blasting off in the background.. champagne in one hand....noise maker in the other.. hugs and kisses flying about.. ;)  Go with it people!! 

I don't even have pictures to show for how Chad and I spent this past New Years Eve.  (at Chad's sister's house, celebrating with our niece and nephew, Chad's mom - Diane, Christy's mother in law and Christy's friend Jenn and daughter.)  But it probably was a GOOD thing that the glut-fest wasn't captured. We literally made ourselves SICK from the over-abundance of snacks and desserts and all things OFF-LIMITS at 12:01am on January 1st.  It was quite ridiculous I must say. 

Just so you have a good understanding of how crazy the kitchen got... On the menu for the evening.  (In no particular order.. ;)  Oh yes and all this for 6 adults and two kids..

- Chicago style, deep dish pizza
- Coconut & Pecan Praline Ice-Cream from Henry's (this was the ice-cream we had at our wedding :) 
- Butterfinger Rice Krispie Treats (soooo sooo good!!)
- Gooey Butter Cake (Diabetic Coma waiting to happen but sooo good!!)
- Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge (didn't set up quite Chad had hoped but DE-LISH either way :)
- Fudgy Brownies (didn't even try these.. just saw they were there)
- Chips and Salsa
- Tacos (for Christy.. lol)
- Delia's Tamales (driven all the way up from south Texas)

and I'm sure there were other things...I think I just blocked out the excess.. (or the stuff that I didn't even get to try.. ) 

All to say that...

This year's New Year Resolution (aside from the usual suspects of doing more Pinterest Pinning, Blogging (cause I know I've been blog-slacking..) is to...

GET SKINNY or... get PREGNANT!  ;) 

In no particular order...hahaha... 


Honestly, this has been the REAL reason I've been blog-slacking.  Chad and I have been so incredibly distracted...planning and researching and writing our business plan, developing a menu, designing our logo, finding investors and looking for that sweet spot to call our own... all while trying to sleep as our minds race with endless possibilities about our future! Soooo, soooo incredibly excited, it's hard to contain it and even harder to focus on anything BUT getting this thing GOING!!  :)

BUT...more on that to come later on though.. I think I've rambled long enough.. (sorry for a no picture post by the way.. ) 

Anyone out there with good resolutions to stick to this year??   

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