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Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Eve at the Kelley's

After hours and hours...and even MORE countless hours spent driving and flying to Dallas from California and deep south Texas... our families finally got a chance to ALL gather at the Kelley house to celebrate this Christmas Eve.  I love that no matter how much time has gone by, our families can pick up right where they left off for one hell of a good time. :)  

There was so much goodness in our house this weekend.. I can't begin to thank everyone for making it out to spend this holiday with us..

There was CUTE ESKIMO BABY SNUGGLING... and picture taking... and photo posing..

And cheesing...

And goofy face making by Kenzie... lol

And silly boy antics..

And gaming..

And drawing...

And Santa Tracking...


And waiting... patiently waiting.. and waiting some more..

And Brother - Sister bonding.. 

And "whatcha talking about... Willis??" -ing... ;)

Present wrapping...

And Chit-Chating..

AND LOTS and LOTS of yummy EATING!!

And Santa Cookie Baking...

And goofing.. (sorry about this NASTIFIED picture of me.. no makeup and not really dressed to be seen in public.. yet, here I am in all my nastiness for all the blog world to see.. consider yourself SPECIAL cause only family usually gets to see me like

Ooooohhhh... and then there was the Special Message from Santa...

And Mother and Son bonding..

And lectures to Macie about not eating Santa's cookies.. 

Father-Son bonding..

And all around good family togetherness... :) 

Addie and Uncle Chad got your cookies all ready for your arrival Santa... don't forget to leave us lots of good presents under the TREE!!!  :) :) 

Addie, Logan and Kenzie already know your location and estimated arrival time!  Safe Travels :)

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