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Monday, November 14, 2011

Chicago Weekend (Day 3) - Two Years and Counting.. ;)

When Chad and I began to figure out how we would spend this anniversary day in Chicago, we never really paid attention to how fitting our day would end up being for us.  Dorky to the core, we were more than happy to take it easy at the Field Museum learning all we could and soaking in all that natural history goodness.  ;)  Which.. I won't retain by the way, cause I'm useless like that.. hahaha..  but Chad will remember forever...just in case he's ever on Jeopardy and needs to win us lots of money!  SOMEBODY has to make the money around here afterall.. ;)

Another cold and a bit rainy day.. PERFECT museum weather! 

Sue, the largest, most extensive and best preserved Tyrannosaurus rex specimen ever found

Taking it all in..


TOTALLY reminded us of Night at the Museum with these little scenes...
We were ready for them to start moving! 

Sue's beee-hind.  ;)

Shutting the place down...Now, time for some GRUB! 

Pizza Research Numero Dos.  ;)  Gino's East by our hotel. 

Since the pizzas take at least 30 minutes to bake, we started out with a little appetizer
Spinach and Artichoke dip, a tasty recommendation from our waitress

And Goose Island's own Matilda to wash it all down.  :)

The Meaty Legend..

Although tasty, we definitely think we did this pizza a disservice by piling on all that extra protein.  It was hard to compare it to Lou Malnati's with all that extra meat.  It was STILL super yummy but the verdict was still out on which one was the best.  (Guess we'll just have to keep doing "research"... hehehe.. ;) 

What a perfect ending to a perfectly awesome ANNIVERSARY!  :) 

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