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Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Great Chicago Binge of 2011 (Day 2) - Navy Pier, Millennium Park & The John Hancock Observatory

Waking up bright eyed and bushy tailed, we hit the ground running on this Sunday morning with a tentative schedule for the day.  We're usually go-with-the-flow type people when it comes to our Kelley Adventures so we had a general idea of what we wanted to hit..but no real plan besides that.  Our first stop after heading south from our hotel was... The Navy Pier.  :) 

Being a far cry from the MASS of people we dealt with the night before... the walk to the Pier was quiet and relaxing..even with the blistering wind hitting our faces along the way.  Guess everyone decided it would be best to sleep in on this somewhat gloomy but very "holiday feeling" winter-like morning.  :)  We loved it! 

Stay inside and snuggle weather that's for sure.. ;)
Except...we had things to SEE!!  ONWARD!!  ;) 

Statue commemorating Bob Newhart's role as Dr. Robert Hartley outside the Navy Pier entrance. 

And this statue of these creepy looking kids playing a weird backwards ring-around-the-rosie type game..

Spotting the Hancock Building from amongst the trees..

The winds were CRAZY out here!

I wish you could tell how nuts the water looked..

The sun, trying to break through the clouds..

While inside the atrium at the Pier, we stopped for a morning snack..
(the plan was to keep the morning and lunch time eating to a minimum so we could handle the TWO dinners we had planned that night..;) 

Mmmmmm... better than I expected.. at least I thought so.  Chad just thought it tasted like regular popcorn.  hehehe... 

Walking along the waters edge to our next stop.. Millennium Park! 

The water looked crazy blue.. almost like a pool

This little quacker about to jump in with this friends.. I tried to wait around for him to do it..but.. Chad was on a mission at this point.  ;) 

Almost there..

The pedestrian bridge designed by Frank Gehry that led us to Millenium Park

The Silver BEAN known as Cloud Gate

Having fun trying to think of the best way to capture our reflections..

Kisses to myself maybe??  ;)

hahahaha.. loving this one of Chad. 

hahahaha.. I have no idea what kind of faces we were trying to make..

Ooooooo...pretty... :)

Walking back to our neck of the woods..

Time for another Chicago MUST
A Downtown Dog with mutant, but TASTY green relish.  ;) 

Why was this relish SO GREEN?!?!?!

The Water Tower during the day...
 Followed by panoramic views (AGAIN, this time during the day) from the Hancock Observation Deck..

View down to the Navy Pier

View towards Willis Tower (formerly known as the Sears Tower)

View up Lake Shore Drive..

I'm pretty sure this was looking out towards Wrigley Field.. somewhere out there..

Time to head back to the hotel to rest our poor and incredibly aching toes-ies ;) before heading out for our Binge-fest Dinners later this evening..or afternoon, I should say. 


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