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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

So Long California.... HELLO Dallas!

So.. after much anticipation and nearly 3 days on the road .. The Schmidts (Chad's Sister Christy, her Hubs Ryan, our niece Kenzie and nephew Logan) have FINALLY made their big move to .. TEXAS! 

They actually arrived last Thursday afternoon after being trapped (in a good way.. ;) in the car with two kids (5 & 3 years old), a weinie dog, two beta fish and a smiley rock.. (yes, it REALLY is a ROCK that looks like it's smiling.. ;) Picture to come of Mr. Smiley later...

Since then, they've settled in with us while they get their housing situation worked out... (so basically, to break it down, it's...5 adults (Ryan's dad moved out here two weeks ago), 2 kids, 2 dogs, 2 betas and a smiley rock ;) in 1,800 SF... YOU do the math...GASP!!).. which actually just means... SLUMBER PARTY!!  ;)  Oh, and finding creative ways to entertain the kiddies that have MORE ENERGY than you could possibly IMAGINE!  :) :) 

With a little bit of this, and a little bit 'o that we've let the good times ROLL!!  Welcome to Texas Ya'll! 

Kenzie sportin' her Wobbly Gobbles.. or was it.. Gobbly Wobbles??
Either way.. So CUTE!!

Kids enjoying the beautiful weather. :)

Welcome Home Ice Cream at Henry's in Plano :)

At the Elementary School Park by our house...

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