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Thursday, September 01, 2011

Chad Kelley Flashback :)

I really can't get over how incredibly ADORABLE my husband was as a young tot.  The first time I saw these pictures (in preparation for our wedding rehearsal slideshow), I almost screamed with GLEE!!  Is this what OUR future baby boy might look like?!?!?  Big, honey brown eyes... round, pouty baby lips...perfect little nose.. BLOND hair?! that started straight then morphed into light...then DARK colored curly hair?!  I could just die.  Running into these pictures again (as I clean out and organize my computer files)... I can't help but feel that excitement the possibility of being blessed with a child (someday) that looks HALF this cute!! 

I love you soooooo much Little Chad Kelley!!
(you didn't know it then but I was already waiting for you to find me) 

I just want to reach through this picture and SQUEEZE those CHEEKS!!

hehehehe..what a little STUD!

With his mama Diane.. (at around 3 years old)

So handsome!! And look at that HAIR!!  (4ish perhaps)

With his grandma and little sister Christy.. :)

Arrrggggg matey!

Funny how I can TOTALLY see present Chad Kelley in these young Chad Kelley pictures.  From the eyes, to the smile, to his goofy little personality... I'm more than sure his little self would be so incredibly proud of his present self right now. 

I'M ALSO so proud of you Chad, you've grown up to be a successful Chef, a loving and caring husband and one day a wonderful father.  I'm so blessed to be your wife.  I can't wait to see how our life continues to unfold..

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