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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Honorary Patio Prince for a day :)

The other day Chad came home proudly displaying this little number.  I honestly didn't know what to think at first.  ;) Was The Moth management trying to lift his stressed-out-kitchen-spirits??  Do I act happy for him if this was some twisted substitute for a bonus check??  It WAS cute... in a "cutesy" sort of way... lol. but what was I supposed to say to this??  "You know this is going up on our blog right??" I finally said.. he just smiled that, "I never had any doubt" smile that I love so much... :)

I soon found out that this wasn't from the Moth staff at all.  Apparently there's a lively group of ladies...called the Patio Princesses that get together every so often (once a month according to their website) at different restaurants across DFW.  This month, it was The Moth's turn to show the ladies some love.  :)  And looks like they enjoyed everything.. making Chef Chad Kelley their honorary Prince...or Princess??  ;)  for the night. What an honor.  ;)  (Let's just PRETEND they spelled our last name right ;) 

Chef Chad Kelley, accepting his award.  ;)

You can see more pictures of this event at The Moth at the link below. 
Patio Princesses at The Moth

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