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Sunday, July 24, 2011

European Adventures in the Making - Part 3- Paris, France

Wow.  It seems like forever and a day since I did my last European Adventures in the Making post... and I FINALLY get around to our last stop on our trip.  Part 3- Paris!  I'm not even sure why it took me so long to get to this post... I think a part of me was stressed because I didn't feel like I've done enough research to warrant a post full of quality Parisian information.  And even though I still don't have a full grasp of ALL the places we'll be seeing while we are here... here's a little look at what we DO KNOW about our Paris Trip... 

Our home away from home.. The New Orient Hotel

Cute rooms...cute little place set in the heart of the 8th district :)

All New Orient Hotel photos courtesy of their website :)

A must stop.  The Louvre...And although we hear it's almost impossible to see EVERYTHING in a week..let alone a DAY, we do know we will be on the hunt for this little lady...

The Mona Lisa.. :)

Then... The Eiffel Tower of course.. where I'm sure I'll be literally DRAGGING Chad to the top.. 
(he's a little, scratch that.. A LOT afraid of heights.)

After what will most likely be an exhausting day of sightseeing, we will surely be ready for an energy boost of sorts....and I've done just enough research to know how we might get "said energy".... 
Laduree.  And I've heard it's fabulous.  :)

photos from one of my favorite "living the life in Paris blogs".. Oh Happy Day

One of the best known bakeries in Paris, Laduree is a must stop for us while we are there.  Everything about this place looks so decadent.  From the super quaint shop to the high style packaging of their famous macaroons... these beautiful double decker delicacies look divine... I can't wait to try one.  :)  

And if those sweet treats just aren't enough to hit our sweet spot... then we'll also have to check out this place.. ALSO by recommendation from Oh Happy Day.  Apparently Le Boulanger has some pretty amazing hot chocolate...mmm... just what you might need to wash down those tasty macaroons. 

Photo by Panoramio

The Notre Dame.  What I remember most about Architectural History class in college.  One of the finest examples of French Gothic Architecture, Notre Dame was completed in 1345 and was the first building in the world to use the flying buttress.  I can't wait to see this place in all its glory.  :)

The Pompidou Center, another architectural wonder we learned about in school

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