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Monday, May 16, 2011

Happy Birthday Pops :)

It's funny and cute how excited my dad got when I told him Macie's birthday was this past Saturday.  We joked about how he hoped his birthday would be as good as "he was SURE" Macie's was, as we headed to the park to play with her friends....:)  I told him I'd make sure Mom gave him a birthday "biscuit" and took him to the park too..just so he didn't get jealous that she got more attention on her birthday than he did.  lol.  :)  Sharing their birthday's only two days apart, I wish we lived closer to be able to celebrate together.  He would've been all over that.  :) 

It definitely goes without saying that I love my dad more than I could ever begin to explain.  He's taught me patience, hard work, dedication and has seen me through this roller coaster of life.  He's been with me through it all...Soft spoken but with a heart of gold, he may not say much, but his words are incredibly profound and I'm truly lucky to be his daughter.  :)

Happy Birthday Pops...
Hope your day's as good as Macie's ;) 

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