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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Weekend in the Valley - Part I

I have to admit that everytime I get ready for a trip to the Valley to see the family... I'm happy, yet sad.  Most often, Chad doesn't get to go home with me and most often, I try to make my trip down there count...taking as much time off of work as I possibly can (thank goodness for our usual half day Fridays!).  This time, not really thinking and probably due to the price of the flight, I scheduled myself to leave bright and early Thursday morning... not remembering that this was Chad's usual Thursday off.  What theeee...?!  Wa-wa-waaaaaaa....

With the schedule set in stone, I quickly realized that just meant that I'd get MORE time with the little one once I got home...who come to think of it, isn't so little anymore :)

Dallas to Harlingen - 10am

After a pretty uneventful plane ride (thank you sweet baby Jesus!) I was rewarded with THIS sweet face who told me the name of the plane I had come to visit her in! (Note to self:  I still haven't figured out this whole YouTube thing so this video is unedited...)

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