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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Blog's-A-Changin' :)

It seems like every so often I'll try to "re-invent" my blog in some way... changing the background, updating the main picture...yada, yada, yada.  For those of you who have followed us in this blog since the beginning, you've probably noticed about three MAJOR changes in the last few years since this blog was created.  As much as it pained me to change out our sweet "walking-down-the aisle" main picture, I figured since it's been a year an a half since our wedding, it was due for a change-up.

Literally TWO seconds after I FINALLY decided to go ahead and change the main picture (at first that was the only thing I was going to swap out!), things got a little out of control and I very quickly remembered why I hadn't changed anything in so long... Cue: INDECISION...followed quickly by CONFUSION at all the choices of layouts and colors and text fonts and....uhhhhh.... and lastly came ANNOYANCE for taking so long to find something simple and clean and not too distracting.  And that was just PICKING out the LAYOUT and BACKGROUND template!  The main picture alone had about three different variations of similar, yet DIFFERENT things... What pictures to use?...HOW many do I want? What size do I need them to be?...followed again by the font type, color and so on.  YIKES!  Needless to say, after quite a few trial and errors, I'm happy with the final product and I hope you are too cause it's going to stay like this for quite a LOOOOOONNG time!  ;)  (or until I get sick of looking at the same after MORE than a year or so.)

Just to point out a few other changes, (which thankfully only involved text so it was easy to do).... Chef Chad's page (under EXTRA BITES) has been updated to show all the totally awesome press love he's gotten since his move to Dallas four years ago.  It DID take quite awhile to try and gather all that info, but thanks to good 'ol google and the internet, his internet articles were a breeze to gather up.  ;)  And how freakin' COOL is it to be able to GOOGLE your husbands name?!  ;)  Proud wifey here.  ;)

My own ABOUT YVETTE page will be updated very soon... I hadn't looked at it in, I don't even remember when, and when I did... I laughed at how STERILE it is!  Who the hell IS THAT girl?!  I think I stole the copy off of some resume something or other I did at work.  Either way, be on the look out soon for an updated profile... a rambling of sorts (I'm sure) of all the things I love.  (I don't have articles written about me or anything cool like Mr. Kelley, so you'll have to be entertained by my wit alone ;)

(NOTE:  Since this post was originally written: The ABOUT YVETTE page HAS actually been updated!) Whew... cross that off my to-do list!) Happy Reading!) last update, since I took down our main wedding picture, I made sure to have our wedding properly represented with it's very own, WEDDING page.  You can catch a glimpse of our wedding video and if you're patient enough to sit around for a while...even see a SLIDESHOW of all our wedding pictures!

ENJOY our new surroundings..  :)


guajardo fam said...

You're so stinkin' cute! (Ya... I had the exact same dilema with my blog.) But in the end, yours turned out great. Love the new pics!

Yvette said...

Thanks for keeping up with us friend! It makes this whole blog process worth it! Now YOU need to update yours! :)