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Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Best of Big D - Best Chef in Dallas Nomination :)

For the next two weeks (now til March 13th really) the voting public will have the chance to vote for the Best of Big D.. Best desserts, Best Patio, Best Margarita, Best Ice Cream Shop, etc....This year, for the very first time, Chef Chad Kelley, my super talented, amazingly creative, and ever FABULOUS husband is in the running for the BEST CHEF in DALLAS!  What an incredible honor  :) He's up against some pretty stiff competition (Nick Badovinus of Neighborhood Services, Scott Romano of Charlie Palmer, yada, yada yada) so I'm proud of my husband for being up against some of the best of the best.. cause even if he doesn't win, they thought he was worthy enough to be a part of the competition. :)

Here's your chance to help Chad secure a win.  Even if you're not from Dallas, please vote.  It's easy and it only takes a few minutes to complete the survey (you can just scroll through the items you don't know if you're not actually FROM Dallas but be on the look out for:

Best Patio - Meddlesome Moth (page 1, Line #4)
Best Chef in Dallas - Chef Chad Kelley, Meddlesome Moth (page 3, Line #14)
Best Dessert- Homemade Chess Pie, Meddlesome Moth (Line #31) 

Vote HERE,  Best of Big D, 2011 up to once an HOUR until March 13th!

Thanks again for your continued love and support...and GO CHAD!!

Here's what the survey will look like when you follow the link!

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