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Sunday, November 14, 2010

One year down... a lifetime to go. :)

Mr. & Mrs. Chad Kelley
November 14, 2009

Outside Mary Immaculate Catholic Church
Farmers Branch, Texas

I can’t believe it’s been a year already.  Exactly one YEAR since our wedding day.  One year since I became a WIFE.  One year since we committed a lifetime to each other.  Where in the (H. E. double hockey sticks) did the time GO?!  Thinking back on my elementary school days, it seemed like the days took forever and the months crawled, and that long awaited trip to the zoo NEVER came fast enough.  Now, twenty some odd years later, I blink and two years have gone by in an instant.  Chad and I still reminisce about the first week we met…how we wished for the time to fly just so that people didn’t think we were crazy for moving as fast as we were moving.  We hoped that no one thought we were nuts for church hunting for our wedding on... WEEK SEVEN!  We couldn’t wait to be a few months into our relationship just so that our parents might know for sure that we were, in fact, meant to be….(not admitting that we had been planning our wedding probably after week ONE!).  Those silly cliché’s about just “knowing” when you’ve found the “One” was ACTUALLY true!!  Who knew?!  Six months after our first date I was sporting the ring I was eagerly waiting for... the ring I had dreamt about...the ring I had envisioned looking down on my barren left I waited patiently for the day when Chad finally proposed.  It had only been six months to the day since we met, yet he couldn't ask me to marry him fast enough!  Almost exactly a year after that, I was standing next to him at Mary Immaculate Church reciting the words that would forever change our lives.  Meaningful words that would bind our hearts to eachother, forever.  I had never felt so ready for something this important in my entire life.  I think I can safely say I was ready to be his wife since the day we first met.  Mrs. Yvette M. Kelley.  I've finally gotten used to it.  It took awhile..but it's definitely grown on me.  ;)  

Walking into our cocktail hour at the Eisemann Center in Richardson

Our beautiful flowers

Giggling through our first dance as husband and wife :)

And for those of you who didn't get to see the professional wedding pictures that our awesome photographers Jimmages took of our wedding day, take a gander and let us know what you think...but be warned... there are TONS to look at.  :)

Kelley Wedding Photos

As November quickly approached, we decided early on to spend our first year anniversary in a slightly LESS traditional way.  We thought it was only fitting to celebrate a special birthday that was so selfishly overlooked on our wedding day last year.  Lisa Aguirre Roden.  My Dallas mom.  My home away from home.  The person who lets me let my "mexican" gave up her 50th birthday last year to be a part of our wedding day as our Padrinos de Lasso.  This year, surprise party in place, secret invitations handed out, fake "dinner" planned to celebrate our anniversary and her birthday combined, we led her to our clubhouse where all her family was waiting.  She NEVER saw it coming.  It was the BEST way we could've ever spent a first anniversary...she loved it.  :)    

Does she look surprised?!  :)

Inspecting her "grandma" cane.  :)

We had a great turn out!  :)  She really must be loved ;)

Chowing down on some of Chad's famous ribs and chicken.  :)  
It was a HIT!

We even ordered our wedding cake from La Duni again so everyone could celebrate our anniversary with us.  It was DELISH!  :)

What a great picture :)

Singing to the ole gal.  :)

Lisa cutting her birthday cake  

And us cutting anniversary cake  :)

Opening birthday presents

My sweet, sweet husband of one year

being his normal goofy self.  

It certainly was a HAIR-RAISING good time!!  harharhar... ;)

Happy 51st birthday Oldie but Goodie.  :)
We love you!  :)

Thank you again for spending your 50th birthday being a part of our wedding, glad we could finally make it up to you.  Hope you enjoyed your party! :)

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