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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Yosemite or BUST - (Day 1)

I have to admit that I have a love/hate relationship with vacations. The love part is obvious. Time away from the mundane, day-in and day-out routines we’ve all grown accustomed to…a chance to refresh and recharge.. and for us, actually getting a chance to spend some good quality “husband and wife” time TOGETHER. All in all, the LOVE of vacations certainly out-weighs the “hate”…And by hate I mean, “dislike” and by “dislike” I only mean that I don’t usually want to come back to reality after our said vacation is over. (wah, wah, waaaaaaaahhhh…) That, plus, having to unpack (ugh!) and do laundry (double yack!), then being met at the office once again with a pile of papers on your chair of things that need to be done ASAP (just in case you forgot you were on vacation)…while the task of sorting through the bazillion and one pictures we took for our blog looms in the back of our minds… (well that’s not really a thing to dislike…but you get the point. ) See what I mean? Love/Hate.

As most of you already know, our vacation slash Yvette’s 30th birthday get-a-way was a 5 and ½ day trip to Yosemite. I have to be honest here and say that when Chad first mentioned camping as opposed to a trip out to Boston (which was my first choice), I didn’t really see myself as a “camping” type of girl.. I definitely HAVE and have always HAD a DEEP love and appreciation for nature and all things green and wild, but vacations to me had always included exploring big cities I had never been to before….so this option was certainly out on left field for me. At least it was at the beginning. Seeing the excitement in Chad’s face as he talked about all the wonderful things there…and the feeling surrounding the valley and forest around it… I soon found myself just as taken as he was to be amongst nature’s beauty. With no real expectations, we quickly solidified our plans and looked forward to the day when we’d be one with the outdoors and all of God’s little critters. (No worries, we packed the bug spray ;)

Here’s a quick (and somewhat concise) rundown of our trip out to Yosemite.. as it happened. :)

Wednesday, October 13th, 2010 –
some GOD FORSAKEN hour of the morning.. (5:15am to be precise) woken up after a few hours of tossing and turning and hoping we don’t sleep past our alarms.

5:45am – picked up by our lovely Dallas mom Lisa and taken to DFW to catch our 7am flight to San Francisco (thank goodness we didn’t have any more packing to do, cause we were USELESS at that hour!)

9:05am – San Francisco time, arrive without much trouble except for the CONSTANT singing of a little 5 or 6yr old whose mother was too busy sleeping to get her to SHUT UP! (I promise I love kids.. I really do.. but GEEZ Louise.. it’s the BUTT CRACK Of dawn.. go back to sleep already!)

9:30am - BART ride to Powell St. to pick up our rental car for the next few days.

10:30am – On the road to our first stop… DYNAMO DONUTS!!! Mmmmmmm…. If you’re ever in San Francisco with an inkling for something delectably sweet and delicious, go here. Better yet, take a trip to San Francisco JUST for that. You can check out their website here.
So here were the flavor choices in our sweet box of donut-y delights. Maple Glazed Bacon Apple (the BEST!), Ginger Orange, Caramel de Sel, Lemon Sichuan, Saffron Chocolate and a Sticky Bun to round out the bunch…Oh and yeah.. this was just for Chad and I.. lol. What? Don’t judge us. ;)

A few hours later – during our 3 hour drive to Yosemite, we make the requisite stop to end all stops.  IN-N-OUT!  Needless to say, Chad was in burger heaven…well I should say Chad and I were BOTH in burger heaven.  (despite my continued love for Whataburger, IN-N-OUT has become a close 2nd…and being a devoted and supportive wife, I share my heart with both of them.  Lol…  Plus it was time to get rid of the sugary coat of donuts in our mouths from breakfast that morning.  :)

Along our route we passed what Chad called "Propeller Test Factories" lol..

Sometime between 2-3:00ish - we finally drive up to the entry gate at Yosemite.  Right away the smell of pine trees engulfs you and you can't help but take the biggest, deepest, longest breath you've ever taken in your life....All to absorb as much of that cool, crisp Autumn forest air as humanly possible.  We had arrived.  Finally our Yosemite Adventure had officially begun.  :)

Our drive from the entry gate to Yosemite Valley provided some of the most awe inspiring views I could've ever hoped for.  What a way to get introduced to Yosemite!

After a few snaps we headed to Curry Village to check in to our accommodations for our time here.

On our way to Curry Village we ran into El Capitan!  What a sight!

And Bridalveil Falls

Camp Curry Welcome Sign

Tent Cabin #550
 Honey, we're home!!  For the next few days at least..  :)

Having very limited information about what our tent cabin would be like, I was pleasantly surprised to find a very suitable room with a queen AND twin sized bed!  Off the ground, with sheets, towels and blankets..OH MY!!

Soon after settling in some and dropping off all our luggage, we headed out to explore the valley for the remainder of the evening.

Having the luxury of free shuttle bus rides around the valley, we took that first afternoon to stop at nearly all of them.  One of the stops we made on our "shuttle bus tour":  The Ahwahnee Hotel.  Stealing this straight from the Official Ahwahnee Hotel website:  "Known for its magnificent façade, and architecture, The Ahwahnee was specifically designed to highlight its natural surroundings, featuring Yosemite Falls, Half Dome and Glacier Point.  The destination of queens and presidents alike, The Ahwahnee offers a perfect balance of history, hospitality and elegance."

Part of my "Sun Series" of pictures..

We found a crazy looking pig face on one of the tree trunks.  Can you see it too??


Getting familiar with the shuttle routes. 

This night began my facination with capturing the sun. 

  Half Dome from a lake behind the Ahwahnee

 Tree Rings

 Gorgeous colors all around...

 Crazy water level sign from a major flood back in 1997

 We didn't even have to TRY to take amazing pictures.. this place was amazing all on it's own.  

As the sun set, we headed back to Curry Village for the last and final MUST of the evening.  The Pizza Deck for dinner.  :)  Donuts, burgers and pizza...'s what vacations are all about!  ;)

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