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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Before & After Photos - Glenwood Court

After more than a few requests to see recent pictures of the house as it stands today...and after months and months and months of painting and sorting and doing and RE-doing things over the course of the last two years... I took a few minutes last night to take a few snaps of our digs.  Don't mind the random things lying about.... and note that things are STILL changing and moving and such.  (Oh and I realize I still haven't shown ya'll the master bedroom or master bath & den area...but yesterday we bought an inversion table which we reluctantly had to set up in our bedroom (having the most space)...and the den is a major stay tuned for those pictures in a few weeks) 

Living Area BEFORE:

Living Area AFTER:

Living/Stair Area BEFORE:

Living/Stair Area AFTER:

Bar/Kitchen BEFORE:

Bar/Kitchen AFTER:

Dining Area BEFORE:

Dining Area Wall AFTER:

Dining Area AFTER: (Different Angle)

Office/ Den Restroom BEFORE:

Office/Den Restroom AFTER:

Stairwell BEFORE:

Stairwell AFTER:

Guest Bathroom Upstairs BEFORE:

Guest Bathroom Upstairs AFTER:
(Notice the "before" picture framed on the counter :)
I did that everywhere to appreciate all the work we've done on the

Guest Bedroom Upstairs BEFORE:

Guest Bedroom Upstairs AFTER:  (Different Angle)

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