Love and Food in the Big D

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Birthday Weekend Continued...

As departing day approached, we decided that we couldn't end my mom's birthday weekend in Dallas without a ceremonious visit to The Moth.  With Chad's hectic work schedule, my parents had been in town two full days by this time and had seen Chad for MAYBE two hours...but like a good host, and even BETTER son-in-law, Chad wowed my parents (Lisa & Gary included) with an abundance of small plates to share.  It was a great evening of food and laughter, getting my real Valley Parents together with my "Dallas Parents".  :) 

To end the evening's visit to the restaurant, Chad presented my mom with what was almost a fire hazard that nearly brought the whole place down!  Hairs rose as we ALL attempted to put out the fire...(with little success).  Thank goodness for the Chef who's not afraid to put out fires with his cooking apron!  lol.  What memories!~

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