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Saturday, April 03, 2010

Easter Weekend - Addie's 1st Easter Hunt

After a long and exhausting day at the zoo, and after a tasty and super delicious Easter dinner prepared by my chef love....we caught our second wind and headed outside to commemorate the holiday with Addie's very first Easter egg hunt.  After supplying Addie with her very own Dora Easter bucket and bunny ears, she hit our backyard with a vengence, hunting for those eggs like a certified CHAMP marking a very successful first year of hunting for those eggs!

Little Miss Addie ready for her very first egg hunting adventure with her new Dora bucket :)

What a smile!

First time dad doing whatever it takes to make Easter festive for his daughter :)

And it's on..
Let the egg hunting commence!!

My attempt to capture EVERY SINGLE egg she found... lol

Awww... looks like someone is having a great time

Now thats the face of one focused girl!

Ooooo... I see more over there!

Her bucket is almost full and by this time she was dumping them out as fast as she was picking them up! 
It was so cute watching her leave a trail of eggs behind her. 

After awhile she got smart and decided to drop her bucket and gather the eggs without it. 

Uncle Chad spots an opportunity...

While Addie was on the hunt for more eggs...
Chad dipped into her bucket to continue the fun and she had NO idea. lol.
Soon after, Easter eggs were falling from the sky!  :)  I love my husband...

Assessing her loot with dad

Counting her Easter eggs..

hauling her goodies into the house after a tiring hunt. 

Cute picture Christi :)

There goes Mrs. Cottontail!  :)

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