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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Little Miss Sunshine

It took two seconds (literally) after I got off the plane on this Thursday afternoon to convince my mom to take me to Omar and Christi's house to see Addie.  It had only been a month since the gang was up in Dallas, but for this anxious Aunt, it felt like a lifetime.  I was happier than could be, not only wrangling a free trip to the valley (courtesy of work to be done on Friday @ Pan Am) but I had also managed to get down there early Thursday afternoon!  Seriously?  A two for one special and I was one happy camper. 

After a quick trip to my parents office to pick up Addie's Easter dress, we headed over to Christi's parents house to snag the little one and prep her for her photoshoot.  I'm no professional, but this girl can make any amateur photographer look like a pro...  :)  We had a blast! 

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