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Sunday, February 07, 2010

What he's drinking now...

(Rambling's of a Mad Chef by Chad Kelley).... Since I began my culinary career over 10 years ago I have been studying wine. We all know that Food & Wine is the classic combination. What about beer? Since I started developing my restaurant with the guys that created The Flying Saucer I have totally given up wine and have enrolled myself in a crash course in BIER!  I've been trying on average about 2 different beers a week. Each one I have selected, sorry ladies.. not for its name or cute label, but for its style. Starting tonight I will be featuring a new "What I'm Drinking Now" status update. 

What I'm Drinkin' Now - Big Sky IPA. crystal clear light copper beer with good carbonation. This IPA has a nice citrus bitterness with mild aromatics. When it comes to IPA's they can feel, for lack of a better term, unbalanced. This one has a great hoppy flavor without being obtrusive and is very well balanced between the bitterness and the aromatics. Not the biggest kid on the block but very tasty. 

What I'm Drinkin' Now - Old Rasputin Russian Imerpial Stout from North Coast Brewing. Dark Malts, bitter chocolate, roasted coffee, mild oatmeal and at 9% ABV doesnt have any heat. It warms on the finish but you don't taste the alcohol. If it wasn't for the 9% this would be a very sessionable brew. One of my favorite Stouts so far.

For more updates on anything and everything BEER, visit Captain Keith's Beer Blog, one of many Flying Saucer website attractions.  Not only does it cover all things beer, but Keith's also been updating the world on the status of the new restaurant, the Moth, opening soon. 

Visit soon and often...
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