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Friday, January 15, 2010

About dang time... :)

Being that it's been a while since my last post, I thought I would take you back (to an unposted, and UNFINISHED blog) I started on January 13, 2010

I wish I could speak more candidly about what’s been going on in Chad’s world as he prepares for his restaurant to open in March….but I must admit that he’s been quieter and more focused than I’ve seen him in a long time. These last two weeks alone have been particularly stressful as he began doing menu tastings for the bosses. Big boss #1, boss #2 and the general manager, all in one room, all waiting to be served, all ready to give their critiques. I can’t even fully imagine the anxiety he must go through every day as he presents his creations one by one to his iron chef-like judges. Overcoming obstacles beyond his control, he faced the first day with half the product he anticipated…. doing the majority of the grunt work at home the day before after an afternoon of scouring the local grocery stores for all his specialty products.

Central Market Run before the first day of his tastings...

Made his list... now he's checking it twice...

A sea of goodies....

Well only a REAL chef would find a way to make chicken livers good... yuck!  :)

The following day, he won them over, dish by dish, with tasty bits of heaven that would soon be available on HIS menu for the rest of the world to try. I’m so proud.

---(here's where I had hoped to insert his tasting selections.... HOWEVER my dear husband has yet to provide me with that information...) When I get it, I'll post them as a different blog... hang tight.  :)

After having successfully completed and happily satisfied the bellies of his “judges”, Chad faced the second day much as he had done the day before. Scrambling for product and cashing in all his favors from vendor friends, he once again pleased the boss men with his flavorful dishes.

---Yet another place for his menu items for day 2 but again, it will have to wait... lol... (don't let this stop you though from letting your imagination run wild while salivating profusely... )  :) 

Day by day, Chad did his thing while calming the nerves (a bit) of his bossmen who had yet, until the week before, tasted any of Chad's developing menu items.  He secured his place in the growing company, even getting a " Damn Chad, we are going to be FAMOUS with this restaurant!" from one of his bosses.  How can you get any better than THAT?!

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