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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Kelley Honeymoon (Day 6) - San Francisco

Our first order of business on this, one of our final days in San Francisco, was to tackle Chinatown :)

Wanting to do it right, we made our way thru the Chinatown entry gates and started our climb up the hill...

Love the detail...

Such an energetic part of the city...

Ross Street.. :)

Tasty snack for the road...:)

Mmmm... yummy window shopping... :)

Making our way thru one of the more traditional streets in Chinatown..

How cool is that?!

Not sure what it is that I like about this building... but i do.  :)

Next stop:  Haight Ashbury

A walk thru Golden Gate Park...

There were beatniks and hippies everywhere, singing their songs and beatin' on their drums..
it was pretty interesting thats for sure.. :)

On a mission and after about an hour wandering about, Chad and I finally found our way to the very tip top of Strawberry Hill.  Although we didn't quite make it with enough time to see the sun set, it was still beautiful up there.  Surrounded by massive trees, the city lights began to twinkle as dusk settled in around us..
So beautiful!

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