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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Changing of the Guards

So it seems that life has once again thrown us a curve ball… (good thing we are pretty damn good at bat!)
Late last week, Chad decided to take a leap. A leap into the unknown, a leap into some new and exciting times. It wasn’t exactly fully expected, although months of discontent had brought him to this point… but last Saturday night, Chad left the Oceanaire Seafood Room for the very last time. Knives packed, cookbooks in hand, he and I stood together at the entrance of the restaurant kitchen he had known for the last three years (in Dallas) and said goodbye. Having somewhat prepared for this moment, Chad walked away a winner in his own right. This was our time. This was our time to focus on something that not only made him happier, but made US happier as well. The restaurant industry is hard enough without being the boss. Without having staff that didn’t want to work. Without proper support from above. Without taking on all the responsibilities that an Executive Chef takes on. Chad’s a DAMN good chef. One of Dallas’ finest. You can’t take a multi million dollar restaurant, and keep it successful without being damn good… and he most certainly IS. I guarantee the Oceanaire will NOT be the same without him… but it’s time for bigger and better things. I’m hopeful for a full and bright future. I’m nervous and excited about all the possibilities… but whatever he and WE decide to do, I know it’s going to be AWESOME!!

Stay tuned! :)

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