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Friday, May 01, 2009

Day before the Schmidt-Kelley Wedding!!

Because the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner was done on Thursday to accommodate for Christy’s working friends, we had a pretty relaxing “day before the wedding”. After spending a few hours shopping for last minute wedding day things… i.e. Chad’s super cool black low top groomsmen Converse, we met up with Chad’s fam. for a family bbq at Aunt Denise and Uncle Bob’s house. It was a great time hanging out with everyone again.. getting re-acquainted with my “soon to be” family. I can’t wait to be a part of this crazy clan. They are the BEST!

Hey look! It's my future Sister in Law and Bride to Be, Christy!

Chad's "Mini Me".. his nephew Logan... They are IDENTICAL as babies.. :)

My future Uncle Bob and Boo tending the fire..


Easily entertained with Nemo... Angela hugs..

Kenzie girl having a ball with that cake..

Chad showing Ryan how to hold the cake RIGHT BEFORE he's supposed to shove it in Christy's face tomorrow.. ;) hehehehehehe... Don't practice too much love.. We're NEXT!!

Christy and Kenzie saying goodnight...

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