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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Dining out in Dallas-Battle of the Chefs

Chad, aka "Bossman" and Michael, aka "Butters" goofing off before the event. :)

Finding ART in every aspect of food...
Look, it's a FACE!! :) it's like picking out images from clouds in the sky. :)

"Selling" his table of goodies.. :)

Waiting and watching...


Although every event is essentially the same for Chad and his "Help", aka ME, I enjoy and appreciate each and every single one. Each one has a different variety of people to meet, different tasty morsel to give away and different building to explore. This event was at the Frontiers of Flight Museum, near Love Field and although Chad and I had both been in Dallas for almost 2 and a half years, we'd both been unfamiliar with this particular Dallas attraction. After the usual set up was complete, we took a few minutes to wander the sea of old war time planes and cool missile replicas, then took some time to settle into our "spot" where Chad and Butters served up a familiar but still different "taco", (similar to his Camp John Marc creation). It was yet another success for the Oceanaire team, and if it really HAD been a "Battle of the Chefs", there is NO doubt that Chad would've walked away a winner... countless guests at the reception commented that his taco creation was the BEST of all the tasty treats on display from other restaurants. :) Good job baby!

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