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Friday, April 24, 2009

20 years later... LITERALLY!

It's funny how so much time can go by between events... and when you think back on them, it seems like you were just there.... at that same place, just the day before. The last time I saw Vikki Villarreal, now Vikki V. Rowe, was almost two years ago... and although that may seem like a lot to some, the last time I had seen her before that, was 1989!!! Now I'm no mathmetician, but that's damn near 20 years!! Talk about having a lot to catch up on! :) If it wasn't for modern technology, namely Myspace, Vikki and I would have left our pasts in the past forever, but sometime around the time that I first moved up to Dallas, Vikki found me. Not long after that, we planned for a VERY, VERY long awaited lunch date to catch up on the last 20 years. I had never felt so OLD in my life! It took us two years, one wedding, 1 one year anniversary of wedded bliss, and one engagement later to finally meet up again. lol.. This past Friday, on one of Chad's extremely unusual Friday's off, we went on a double date with Vikki and her husband Grant. It was a great time of catching up, pizza and Pete's Dueling Piano's... and we can't wait to hang out again! (This time at least hopefully before our WEDDING!) ;)

I SWEAR she looks EXACTLY the same! :)

Don't you love those weird "Hold and Pose" looks? lol..
Not a flattering face shot Yvette! Oh well! :)

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