Love and Food in the Big D

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Weekend with our Fockers.. :)

So if planning a wedding wasn't enough of a stressful situation to contend with, we took a weekend opportunity to fly the parental units out to Dallas for a nice long "Meet-n-Greet". Although Chad and I had met eachothers family, they hadn't actually met EACHOTHER. Chad's mom flew in from Cali, and my parents flew in from the valley, and you know, it actually turned out MUCH, MUCH better than expected! Everyone had a great time and loved the fact that Chad and I had planned a weekend FULL of everything WEDDING! We started out every morning with a tasty and relaxing brunch then headed out to various things like WEDDING DRESS SHOPPING, an oh so yummy but oh so tummy aching cake tasting, a trip to visit our reception site and church, then ended the weekend with a PARTY at our clubhouse in their honor! We had a great turnout of friends and family from Chad and my work!! A GRAND time was had by all! :)

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