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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Quick blow to the gut.. :(

So... for all the good things that came my way this year, I wasn't too surprised when things took a turn down hill. Looking back now, I'm glad it was what it was, because in reality, it really could've been a whole lot worse.

Chad and I entered the holiday season with plans to spend Thanksgiving in the valley with the Maldonado clan and Christmas in California with the Kelley's. Little did we know then, that our plans were about to be changed. After spending a seemingly normal Thanksgiving with the family, we got a good scare on Friday morning when my dad had to be rushed to the hospital. Not really knowing what the issue was, he was essentially treated of his immediate problems then was released that following Wednesday. By Sunday afternoon, he was back, and this time, it was serious. Having low white blood cells, they ended up giving him a blood transfusion... that did nothing more than temporarily raise his cell count. By the following week, my dad had become the resident "House" episode. No one could figure out what was going on. He had symptoms unlike anything any of the specialists could resolve. They would fix one thing, another thing would go wrong. It was a constant waiting game as he underwent test after test, only to be cleared of one thing, while showing signs of something else. Talk about STRESS!! Poor Chad having to deal with Yvette the Emotional Wreck! What a first test of love and patience that was!! I felt so lucky to have him there to be my constant support and ever present shoulder to cry on as I had to deal with all this in Dallas while everyone was back home...

The scary shocker came when some of the doctors were fairly certain that all signs were pointing at the ever dreadful Leukemia. A quick hard blow to the gut that was. After a few weeks worth of testing and waiting... they finally said... "NO CANCER". Whew!! By this time, Christmas had fast approached and we were back in the valley, stuck in the hospital no less... BUT, at least all the cancer tests were negative!! A few days later, they finally isolated the problem in his gall bladder and went in to remove it. Apparently it was the worst gall bladder the surgeons had seen in years.. but that was it!! That's where the problems stemmed from.. and we couldn't have been more GRATEFUL and relieved. All is well and my dad is on the fast track to recovery!! Oh happy day!

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