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Sunday, November 09, 2008


To be quite honest, I've kinda stalled on writing this particular blog. Not because I didn't want to (quite the contrary actually) but because I couldn't seem to find words fitting for all that I felt about this day. I knew an engagement was coming..heck we even had a wedding DATE picked out by this time... so in reality, I shouldn't have been very surprised about my proposal... but the truth was, it hit me upside the head like nothing ever had before. And I loved every minute of it! :)

It had taken a few weeks of planning (on Chad's part) for this particular day to work itself out. He had gotten a coworker of mine (Gary Morgan) involved by plotting a masquerade of sorts. He told me he wanted us to take pictures together to send to his family back home for Christmas. Sounding like a good idea, I suggested that we get Gary involved to keep from having the extra expense of a "real" photographer. Who knew that this whole time I was aiding in my very own proposal! lol..

Finally finding a day that worked for everyone, we began this particular Sunday morning by meeting up with Gary at the Belmont Hotel. We had heard this was a great place to get pictures of the downtown skyline. :) Starting our whirlwind tour, we made our way to places we had been on our first date, places unique to Dtown and your standard places with picturesque backgrounds. Towards the end of the afternoon, we found our way to the farmers market. We toured the area, and found ourselves amongst rows of beautiful red, pink and white flowers. Squatting down for pictures... I was too involved in trying to keep myself balanced to notice that Chad had begun to reach into his pocket. Turning to Gary he said, "Keep going Gary..." Not really understanding what was going on, it took me a second to realize that Chad had pivoted around and was already on HIS KNEE!! It took a few seconds to realize that his eyes were watering and his hand was clasped around the most BEAUTIFUL diamond solitaire ring I'd ever SEEN!! After a couple of happy "SHUT UP CHAD"s.. he finally asked me to be HIS BRIDE!!!. :)

Belmont Hotel

Downtown Dallas

Farmers Market Sign
He has the ring in his hand!!


I had dreamt of this day my entire life... and right here, kneeling in front of me, was the most perfect man I could've ever hoped to spend the rest of my life with.... I'm in HEAVEN!! Now starts the fun stuff.. :)

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