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Friday, October 03, 2008

Texas State Fair..

Everything I do now seems like the first time. Even if I've already been somewhere, or seen a particular Dallas attraction, going to it with Chad just makes everything DIFFERENT. Going to the State Fair this year was no exception. I had actually been to the fair every year since I got to Dallas, but this one was the BEST.

Anyone care for a cooking demonstration??? Anyone? Anyone?? ;)

First of all Chad was actually working the fair this year. As part of his restaurant-y duties, he was scheduled to showcase a particular recipe at a cooking demonstration in one of the grand halls. I must admit that I was a bit nervous for him. :) My fears were quickly washed away the minute he began to speak. Almost instantly his charming personality and witty banter took over the crowd. He was a success and I even got to help!! Groupie and helping hand! :) Move over VANNA, I'm wearing the sparkly dress now. lol.. :)

And no.. I'm not anywhere in these pictures.. I was the hired help in the back, helping him cook up the change out FINAL version of what he was demonstrating. Wooooooo, GO ME!!

After slaving away as Chad's Sous Chef in order to pay my way onto the fair grounds, Chad and I decided to check things out. :)

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Megan McCoy said...

you look stunning and oh-so-happy with your man beside big Tex! :) i love love love your blog yvette.