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Monday, May 26, 2008

Our second date...

I think it's safe to say that things were pretty much done for after our first date. From that moment on, we were inseperable. :) I was loving every minute of it... I just couldn't get enough of him! Our second "date" started with a very unusual trip to this GI-NORMOUS Asian market he wanted to check out. Going along for the ride, and not really caring where we were as long as we were together, I found myself enthralled by just watching him wander the aisles of unusual ingredients with the fascination of a baby first descovering their toes. lol.. It was fantastic! I STILL love to just sit back and watch him as he roams the grocery store looking for that perfect ...SOMETHING.. We ended up hanging out at his apartment where he worked his magic on a stunningly simple, yet oh so tasty home cooked meal for two. It was the beginning of the weight gain.. lol.. What a life! :)

Although not a very good picture, you can see the scallops with broccoli rabe that Chad prepared. It also came with a yummy crab salad....mmmm... you're jealous, I can tell. :)

It's obvious that I was trying to play hard to get... lol..
Who are we kidding here???

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