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Monday, May 05, 2008

New Stomping Ground...

Sometime in the beginning of May of 2008..
So along with all the hooplah of waiting for Addie to arrive, I managed to run around town with my realtor attempting to claim my FIRST little piece of real estate heaven. And boy can I just say...WHAT A TASK!! I must have seen nearly 20 or 30 properties… and although most of them proved to be an easy dismissal, I can honestly say I was having a tough time finding “The One”. My luck finally changed sometime around Addie’s birthday when my realtor found this quaint little gem in Carrollton and….it was a STEAL!! I would've been nuts to let this one go so... there were two attempts at a bidding war and another test of my patience...BUT it finally proved to be successful for me. I had FINALLY closed on my VERY first TOWNHOME!!! 1,800 sq. ft. of MY very own place…. Almost THREE times the size of my now seemingly cell like apartment. It was BEAUTIFUL and all M.I.N.E.!!! So much work still to be done, but here's a glimpse of Home-Sweet-Home! :)

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